Thursday, October 04, 2007

not much special

hey guys its been some time since my last post on this blog so i decided to make some post and give you guys all something to read.

you guys prolly have heard it already but T2 battleships are comming in november if correct.
for that reason i placed a stop on all my mineral sales to build up a gigantic stock of minerals and tech 2 building components in the hope that the prices will inrease around the time of the release of revelations 3.

eventough im hurting for money becouse of me needing some expensive skillbooks.
ive got some passive money making ventures ingame that i take care of every week but its still not near enough to buy a carrier with all gear.

on a totaly differnt note Kodell (re)opened the uni store and he fills the store now with T2 items that have been invented internaly by the ivy league research foundation (research corp)
it seems to be selling nicely nice items on there eventough the stocks arent upto par with anything on the market a beginning player should be able to get his basic t2 gear from the uni store.

next week i got allot of financial stuff to do for the ivy league. i hope that i will be able to present you guys with a basic idea how much the ivy league spends a month for student services (trust me its going to be jaw dropping)

well time to scoot and go to work

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another week another war

damn cant we be left alone for longer as a week. yes the ivy league has been wardecced AGAIN.
we had less then a week of relax time when the we got decced again.

Personaly i realy need to get mining. i'm missing so much income per day due to these wardecs its not funny anymore. Right now im looking to add another month to generating cash to get my capitol ships ready and other stuff.

well we are only facing a small gang of ppl so we are going to see what happands.
it can become intresting but i expect nothing more then a bunch of guys that think they can mess with the big boys in empire. wouldnt suprise me at all if we kick them out of korsiki and we never see em till the war ends. all in all i expect boredom

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

it has been some time

Ola boys and girls it has been some time since my last message but allot of stuff happaned to me in the eve world.

ok lets start off im still in the eve university after more then a year. and im having a blast
ive made it up to financial director and ive been 0.0 director in the past few months. when we where out in the drone space.

in that space ive seen allot of intresting stuff ive layed my eyes on all types of ore for the first time.
ive fought large 120+ fleet battles for the system but in the end we where forced to pull out becouse of hostile neighbors.

last few weeks ive been busy mining like mad to get my isk for a carrier and some other nice gear and skills that i still need. during the past few weeks we have been wardecced by mdk who where after our LSAA (empire based) during the wardec LSAA became illigal and gm's unanchored them all round high sec empire space soon after that the wardec ended.

and guys here comes the best part of all I dooka have fought in the alliance tournament and kicked not much ass but atleast enough to make the commentators go "ohhh nice"

the alliance tourney is in closed space where no players can come so that was pretty cool beeing out in Jove space (As its called)

Images will follow soon
Greets dookie

as soon i find a dump for all my images and stuff ive taken over the past months ill dump it online


Monday, September 25, 2006

war sucks

well we are still at war ... The eve uni has made their own alliance to avoid war deccing griefers

at the moment we are war with a bunch of griefing pussies.
they are using the dock tactic when they see something nasty they cant handle they dock.
and on the downside of it is that we cant do enough dmg to them to bait them and refuse their docking.

however my stealth bomber is doing what it supposed to do ... since ive got it ive got 6 "Kills" accoring to the killboards ... 2 of witch i actualy made the finishing hit ... amazing with my stealth bomber

im doing right now about 400 dmg per missle (kenetic witch i have skills for)
but on to the fighting for now.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Stealth Bombar

its almost time today i purchased my stealth bomber (manticore) and my cloak.
only a other 3 days to get my cruise missles skills up. and then IPS better fear me.

On a other note if u noticed it u see that my blog has changed a little... its now nice and black
and im already trying to contact a nice artist to make a nice image at the top.

well im gonna wait with a large post untill i get my stealth bomber fully active.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

holy crap

well im almost done training my engineering to get upto Assault frigates.
after i've hit that i've decided to go do some stealth Bomber training.
witch should take me about 12 days to get into and then another 20 to get perfect it.
so the next time i see you in combat it might be in a nice assault frigate or you see me for a split second and then you get destroyed.

but the war is over and the only thing we have to worry about is ISK sink but they are a bunch of PUSSIES ....

on a other non eve related issue today ive been busy all day in the kitchen to cook some spacecake and now we are pretty damn buzzed

but on to next time

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Uni leaving Big Blue

well the call has been made and the action been done. Eve University is leaving The Big Blue.
this action has been accelerated by 2 wardec's we got a week ago.
only 12 hrs later we had left the big blue.

the next day we where wardecced again by a griefer corp...doesnt this ever stop.
now we are at war again and well ... we are kicking ass.
our combat pilots are realy getting the hang of empire combat and are starting to make more and more kills. its only a matter of time before wardeccing E-Uni becomes a stupid idea.
well its on to my mining to get some iskies together yes i've set a new goal my old corp made devilish made 2 Billion so my goal is 4 Billion... and a dread

also on a other note im prolly gonna revamp my entire blog to do somethign more usefull then post these stupid things about eve online :D