Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mining Run

well we had a blast last night. a mining gang turned into a mining op.
we had 14 ppl in the gang and we cleaned out 2 belts of plagioclase and other minerals
i started at 20:00 eve time and we mined till 06:00 eve time. first there where just 3 of us but the numer grew the time we completed everything we had a quite stack of minerals build up. and had a total of.... drum roll please.

Azure Plag 480,385
Plag 941,516
Rich Plag 129,952
Pyrox 52,041
Solid Pyrox 19,251
Condensed Scord 133,215
Massive Scord 57,920
Scord 293,341
Concentrated Veld 161,602
Dense Veld 187,286
Veld 509,987

that stuff was ofcourse brought to kodell to be refined and then it got sold to the corporation.

total refined amount was
5.15mil trit
3mil pye
1.2mil mex
2.3k noc
494 iso
5 zyd

witch got sold for
29,236,040 ISK

devided by 12 made a good 2.463.363 ISK for each of us.

thank you all for joining in and a special thanks for kodell to refine it purcase it and not even request ISK for it.

here is just a small image to finish off (stupid winamp decides its directx so its in the screenshot sorry for that)

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