Wednesday, September 12, 2007

it has been some time

Ola boys and girls it has been some time since my last message but allot of stuff happaned to me in the eve world.

ok lets start off im still in the eve university after more then a year. and im having a blast
ive made it up to financial director and ive been 0.0 director in the past few months. when we where out in the drone space.

in that space ive seen allot of intresting stuff ive layed my eyes on all types of ore for the first time.
ive fought large 120+ fleet battles for the system but in the end we where forced to pull out becouse of hostile neighbors.

last few weeks ive been busy mining like mad to get my isk for a carrier and some other nice gear and skills that i still need. during the past few weeks we have been wardecced by mdk who where after our LSAA (empire based) during the wardec LSAA became illigal and gm's unanchored them all round high sec empire space soon after that the wardec ended.

and guys here comes the best part of all I dooka have fought in the alliance tournament and kicked not much ass but atleast enough to make the commentators go "ohhh nice"

the alliance tourney is in closed space where no players can come so that was pretty cool beeing out in Jove space (As its called)

Images will follow soon
Greets dookie

as soon i find a dump for all my images and stuff ive taken over the past months ill dump it online



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