Tuesday, June 13, 2006

War at a end

it was awsome MC realy gave us a run for our money.
first day of the war dec we had a 110 ships sitting on the oijanen gate and
then the enemy jumped in.....LAGFEST!... in the end we where pretty much killed.
the enemy was in system in force and we had problems docking and undocking.
also the gates leading out of system where camped pretty much all the time.
the day we heard they where brining a POS up in BWF the shit started and by then the Big blue war machine started to kick in. but with carriers in the system sitting safely at a POS it was gonna be a hard fight. after a fe days of fighting the enemy proceded into 8mg and destroyed allot of the POSes there and during the just before the last day of the war they captured masada outpost and we tought we where gonna be royaly fucked. however with our luck the day after that the contract ended and the war was over... we had a blast fighting MC and we did do realy realy well acording to MC.
and now its back to rebuilding IPS


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