Monday, April 17, 2006

Been some time

hey hey,

its been a while. ofcourse im spending allot of my time in Real life and in Eve online so i lack the time to post here.

but in the meantime it was a intresting month.
ive got a new internet connection a lovely ADSL2+ connection of 24Mbit down and 1.3 mbit up.
it works like a charm im reaching speeds ive never reached before.
and also prepare for a gameserver or maybe even a few gameservers.

on a other note the weather inproved so i'll start mountainboarding again and doing some sports.... yeah i gotta stay healty.

well on to more inportant things.
we got a war decleration yesterday by battle angeles or something and we are at war as we speak. and to make it even worse we got war deced by a other corporation today aswell that war starts tommorow. yeah its gonna be a busy week (if not longer)

I'll post some stuff about the war so you guys can see it happan and hear from it.
well off to war again.


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