Monday, April 24, 2006

almost done ?

it's still war. we are fighting for our 0.0 space. we heard rumours that a alliance wanted our space.
so we are fighting with all our might. last night we i noticed in the alliance mails that one of the corporations that was at war with us canceled the war or they did something becouse they arent at war with us anymore. witch is GREAT no fear anymore for that corp. now there's only a few enemy's in empire space that want our hides.

on another happier note, my alt got its retriever and is mining like there is no tomorrow.
ive already got 200k solid pyro, 120 white glaze and a crapload of lesser resources.
can't wait for this war to be over so i can haul this crap back and make some isk since im quite low at the moment ISK wise on my alt.

P.s: this was typed on a keyboard with broken O so dont get angry when there's 's missing lol


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