Saturday, August 26, 2006

holy crap

well im almost done training my engineering to get upto Assault frigates.
after i've hit that i've decided to go do some stealth Bomber training.
witch should take me about 12 days to get into and then another 20 to get perfect it.
so the next time i see you in combat it might be in a nice assault frigate or you see me for a split second and then you get destroyed.

but the war is over and the only thing we have to worry about is ISK sink but they are a bunch of PUSSIES ....

on a other non eve related issue today ive been busy all day in the kitchen to cook some spacecake and now we are pretty damn buzzed

but on to next time

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Uni leaving Big Blue

well the call has been made and the action been done. Eve University is leaving The Big Blue.
this action has been accelerated by 2 wardec's we got a week ago.
only 12 hrs later we had left the big blue.

the next day we where wardecced again by a griefer corp...doesnt this ever stop.
now we are at war again and well ... we are kicking ass.
our combat pilots are realy getting the hang of empire combat and are starting to make more and more kills. its only a matter of time before wardeccing E-Uni becomes a stupid idea.
well its on to my mining to get some iskies together yes i've set a new goal my old corp made devilish made 2 Billion so my goal is 4 Billion... and a dread

also on a other note im prolly gonna revamp my entire blog to do somethign more usefull then post these stupid things about eve online :D

Monday, August 07, 2006

Big Blue Leaving IPS

well the call has been made. we are leaving IPS. our resources are pretty much depleted and with 23/7 harrasment we cant replenish them. so the call has been made a week ago to leave IPS.