Thursday, October 04, 2007

not much special

hey guys its been some time since my last post on this blog so i decided to make some post and give you guys all something to read.

you guys prolly have heard it already but T2 battleships are comming in november if correct.
for that reason i placed a stop on all my mineral sales to build up a gigantic stock of minerals and tech 2 building components in the hope that the prices will inrease around the time of the release of revelations 3.

eventough im hurting for money becouse of me needing some expensive skillbooks.
ive got some passive money making ventures ingame that i take care of every week but its still not near enough to buy a carrier with all gear.

on a totaly differnt note Kodell (re)opened the uni store and he fills the store now with T2 items that have been invented internaly by the ivy league research foundation (research corp)
it seems to be selling nicely nice items on there eventough the stocks arent upto par with anything on the market a beginning player should be able to get his basic t2 gear from the uni store.

next week i got allot of financial stuff to do for the ivy league. i hope that i will be able to present you guys with a basic idea how much the ivy league spends a month for student services (trust me its going to be jaw dropping)

well time to scoot and go to work

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