Friday, April 28, 2006


pfff. yes, im low on isk (credits) in eve. witch sucks hardcore. but on the happy side my alt is working his butt off so its just the end of the war im waiting for at the moment. so i can refine and haul this assload of resources over. im gonna make the corp refiner cry.

also another happy thing happand in eve. im finaly trained up to use Electronic warfare propperly with a blackbird so i can join the PVP fun.

but as i stated in the topic of this post im low on isk and it hurts that i cant afford jack shit.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

almost done ?

it's still war. we are fighting for our 0.0 space. we heard rumours that a alliance wanted our space.
so we are fighting with all our might. last night we i noticed in the alliance mails that one of the corporations that was at war with us canceled the war or they did something becouse they arent at war with us anymore. witch is GREAT no fear anymore for that corp. now there's only a few enemy's in empire space that want our hides.

on another happier note, my alt got its retriever and is mining like there is no tomorrow.
ive already got 200k solid pyro, 120 white glaze and a crapload of lesser resources.
can't wait for this war to be over so i can haul this crap back and make some isk since im quite low at the moment ISK wise on my alt.

P.s: this was typed on a keyboard with broken O so dont get angry when there's 's missing lol

Monday, April 17, 2006

Been some time

hey hey,

its been a while. ofcourse im spending allot of my time in Real life and in Eve online so i lack the time to post here.

but in the meantime it was a intresting month.
ive got a new internet connection a lovely ADSL2+ connection of 24Mbit down and 1.3 mbit up.
it works like a charm im reaching speeds ive never reached before.
and also prepare for a gameserver or maybe even a few gameservers.

on a other note the weather inproved so i'll start mountainboarding again and doing some sports.... yeah i gotta stay healty.

well on to more inportant things.
we got a war decleration yesterday by battle angeles or something and we are at war as we speak. and to make it even worse we got war deced by a other corporation today aswell that war starts tommorow. yeah its gonna be a busy week (if not longer)

I'll post some stuff about the war so you guys can see it happan and hear from it.
well off to war again.