Monday, September 25, 2006

war sucks

well we are still at war ... The eve uni has made their own alliance to avoid war deccing griefers

at the moment we are war with a bunch of griefing pussies.
they are using the dock tactic when they see something nasty they cant handle they dock.
and on the downside of it is that we cant do enough dmg to them to bait them and refuse their docking.

however my stealth bomber is doing what it supposed to do ... since ive got it ive got 6 "Kills" accoring to the killboards ... 2 of witch i actualy made the finishing hit ... amazing with my stealth bomber

im doing right now about 400 dmg per missle (kenetic witch i have skills for)
but on to the fighting for now.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Stealth Bombar

its almost time today i purchased my stealth bomber (manticore) and my cloak.
only a other 3 days to get my cruise missles skills up. and then IPS better fear me.

On a other note if u noticed it u see that my blog has changed a little... its now nice and black
and im already trying to contact a nice artist to make a nice image at the top.

well im gonna wait with a large post untill i get my stealth bomber fully active.